The Volunteer Trailblazer Program is designed to recognize an exclusive group of snowmobile volunteers who have a long service dedication to the clubs/district in UCSR. Entry into this exclusive group requires 25 or more years of continuous volunteering to your club/district. The district has taken on the commitment to acknowledge long service volunteers with a jacket that they can show off and be proud of their accomplishments.

This year West Carleton Snowmobile Trails had six volunteers who have met the 25+ consecutive years volunteering and were presented with a jacket.

Mike O’Reilly first started helping the Kemptville club and then moved to Constance Bay and has been the main man for the club in the Bay Area for years doing trails and is our liaison with landowners and businesses. Thanks Mike for your dedication to the club! These five men (L-R: Steve Burgess, Donny Burgess, Ray Russell, Keith Burgess, Collin Russell) have been volunteering for decades for West Carleton on the west side of 417. They are the true meaning of Trail Blazers as all the bush trails west side of 417 were opened up by them with the help of their families and Matt Agnel. Thank you all for your endless hours of hard work and dedication!

Be sure to show your appreciation for these boys in the comments!

If you are out and about and see anyone with this jacket on, be sure to give them a big thank you! Without volunteers we wouldn’t have any trails!