This Volunteers-in-Action (VIA) Plan (VMP) outlines the UCSR’s volunteer development plan for the next three to five years to significantly increase the number of active volunteers while strengthening volunteer skills across the district with a focus on clubs. This VIA Plan will help clubs develop volunteers so clubs will be successful. It will help clubs to attract, communicate with, train, motivate, manage, support, retain, and recognize volunteers.

This VMP has been written to support the positive volunteering culture at the club and district level. The VMP prioritises the club’s and district’s goals and identifies the key strategies to be implemented.

The purpose of this VMP is to:

  • Connect the club and district’s mission and vision with involving volunteers.
  • Help bring appropriate volunteers into the club and district.
  • Help volunteers develop a sense of commitment to the club and district.
  • Provide and/or plan for training and development opportunities.
  • Recognize volunteer performance.
  • Help volunteers understand the relationship and operations between clubs, the District and OFSC.

A well-integrated VMP ultimately leads to increased volunteer productivity, greater satisfaction, and longer-term volunteer retention. Enjoyment of the snowmobiling volunteer experience is very important in keeping volunteers involved (Retention), developing healthy clubs, and building positive word-of-mouth that can help attract new volunteers (Recruitment).

Read the full plan here: VMP 2023