One of the many action items found in the Volunteer Management Plan 2023 was to develop a system to track volunteer hours at the club and district levels. Having this data and better understanding why people volunteer will help with the overall coordination and management of volunteers. The intent is to adjust guidance and assistance, so volunteers become accustomed to volunteer snowmobile community. Clubs acknowledge volunteer supervision can often be one of the more challenging aspects of engaging volunteers.

Volunteer hours, may include, but is not limited to volunteer:

  • trails (brushing, signing, staking, landowner, equipment work, etc).
  • grooming (mechanic, operators, ground support, etc).
  • office (clerical, accounting, administration, etc).
  • Web/social media (design, social media, website, IT specialist).
  • Fundraising (events, marketing, event planning, etc).
  • Clubhouse (kitchen, cooking, maintenance, etc).
  • Trail patrol.
  • Board and committee time.
  • Other volunteer time.

Within the OFSC’s Economic Impact of Snowmobile Trails in Ontario 2023 report, the monetary equivalent of the total volunteer hours was calculated by applying the average hourly wage in Ontario of $34.20, which resulted in an estimated $16,408,376 in voluntary contribution to snowmobiling activity across the province of Ontario.

The data for UCSR Clubs was amazing and reinforces the importance of volunteer effort at the club and district level. Our internal survey estimates that we have approximately 609 volunteers contributing 33,592 hours for a total volunteer contribution of $1,148,846. Also, these numbers are understated as we know volunteers did not submit their hours and many underestimated their time given to their club. Without volunteers, the trail network would not be what its is today.