Volunteer Canada’s National Volunteer Week

April 14 – 20, 2024

Every Moment Matters

Let’s recognize and celebrate every club and district volunteer and the contributions they are making to strengthen snowmobiling in Eastern Ontario and across the province. Now more than ever, Every Moment Matters!

#NVW2024 #EveryMomentMatters

The theme for Volunteer Canada’s National Volunteer Week 2024 is Every Moment Matters. It highlights the importance of every volunteer and each contribution they make at a moment when we need support more than ever. The sharing of time, skills, empathy, and creativity is vital to the strength and health of our clubs. 

Volunteers are fundamental to meeting the challenge requirements of running a snowmobile club, grooming, and trail management. By coming together, committing support, and increasing our collective efforts and impact, we contribute exponentially to the quality of snowmobiling we all strive for.  

Volunteers contributed nearly 479,779 total volunteer hours to snowmobiling in Ontario in 2022/23. The monetary equivalent of these total volunteer hours in 2022/23 is an estimated $16.4 million.

The UCSR Volunteers-in-Action (VIA) Plan (VMP) outlines the UCSR’s volunteer development plan for the next three to five years to significantly increase the number of active volunteers while strengthening volunteer skills across the district with a focus on clubs. The contribution of all volunteers is highly valued and pivotal to the success of any club. Given that a key to volunteer retention is appropriate recognition, every effort will be made to thank volunteers and recognise their contributions. Check out these initialises to support and acknowledge volunteers:

During National Volunteer Week 2024, we come together to recognize and celebrate the importance of each and every volunteer’s impact on organized snowmobiling in Ontario. Now more than ever, Every Moment Matters.