Last night, we hosted the 2023 UCSR AGM and first Board of Directors meeting where we conducted elections for Board of Directors and Officers.

The following directors were elected for the 2023-2024 season:

1. Darin Williamson, President ADSC

2. Chris Angell, VP BEAST

3. Tim Krause, President CRSC

4. Chuck Boyer, President EOSC

5. Ray Avery, President ESC

6. Jack Theoret, President Glengarry SC

7. Brenda Salmon, Rep Genville SA

8. Carol Lavigne, Rep KSK

9. Sarah Craig, Rep LARR SC

10. Andrew Byvelds, President NVSA

11. Grant Smith, President OCSTC

12. Allan Kinch, President RRRSC

13. Wayne Avery, President RSC

14. Vacant, Riverside SC

15. Gregg Villeneuve, President SVSA

16. Steve Burgess, President WCSTA

The following members were elected to officer positions:

– Ian Edwards, President UCSR

– Vacant, 1st VP – Grooming

– Sara Craig, 2nd VP – Trails

– Julie-Ann Bedard, Secretary

– Arianne Bown, Treasurer

Welcome to Ian as our new President for the next two years and Sara as our VP for trails for two years. Welcome to two new Directors: Chris Angell for BEAST and Brenda for GSA.

Many thanks to Peter Asquini as our retiring President. He will continue to serve as D1 Governor until the OFSC AGM in September 2023. Many thanks to Bernie Davy, former Director for GSA for your many years of service to the board.