What is the Volunteer Trailblazer Program?

This program is designed to recognize an exclusive group of snowmobile volunteers who have a long service dedication to the clubs/district in UCSR.  Entry into this exclusive group requires 25 or more years of continuous volunteering to your club/district.

How are we recognizing these volunteers?

Each volunteer meeting the 25-year criteria will receive a blue spring/fall jacket with the TRAILBLAZER logo on the back, UCSR logo on the front, their club’s name, and their first name.

Why are we doing this?

We have not had a coordinated provincial or district volunteer appreciation program since OFSC ceased funding the provincial program over 10 years ago. Clubs have continued with local volunteer appreciation programs but these vary from club to club. The district has taken on the commitment to acknowledge long service volunteers with a jacket where these long serving volunteers can show it off at their club and district events.

How do we know who qualifies?

We will be relying on old volunteer records, good memories, and the ability of other Trailblazers to remember long serving volunteers who qualify. We don’t want to miss anyone but on the other hand we want the significance of these jackets to be taken seriously so the folks that are selected must have earned the right to wear this symbol of our volunteer pride.

What are the timelines?

We will confirm names in the early spring and present jackets in June of each year.

Trail Blazer Honour Roll

CLUB NAMEVolunteer NameYear
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubMarc Faubert2023
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubJocelyn Longtin2023
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubGuillaume Normand2023
Elizabethtown Snowmobile ClubTim  McMullen2023
Glengarry Snowmobile ClubHelene Beriault2023
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubJoe Tensen2023
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubJoan Tensen2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationBarry Smith2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationGraham Duke2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationPaul Ropars2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationPete Dejong2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationBasil Pemberton2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationPerry Marriner2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationBill Byvelds2023
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationKevin Whitteker2023
Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Trails ClubBob  Livingston2023
Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Trails ClubAllan Johnston2023
Riverside Snowmobile ClubEdna Rabideau2023
Riverside Snowmobile ClubRodney VanAllen2023
Riverside Snowmobile ClubCameron  Mac Gillivary2023
Riverside Snowmobile ClubCorry Witteveen2023
Riverside Snowmobile ClubJohn Witteveen2023
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubRobert Greenwood2023
Rideau Snowmobile ClubGeorge  Pratt2023
Seaway Valley Snowmobile AssociationGregg Villeneuve2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationAllan Wilson2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationEarl Wilson2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationBob  Craig2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationBarry Craig2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationLorne Montgomery2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationDon Baird2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationMurray Gordon2023
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationBrad Laughlin2023
Athens and District Snowmobile ClubJames Fenlong2022
Athens and District Snowmobile ClubHoward Fenlong2022
Athens and District Snowmobile ClubKent Mainse2022
Athens and District Snowmobile ClubRon Knapp2022
Athens and District Snowmobile ClubBrett Kelsey2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsRodger Spoor2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsStuart Spoor2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsJim McEwen2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsJulie Anne Bedard2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsAudy Bedard2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsDave Poaps2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsRob Campbell2022
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile TrailsDarrell Drew2022
Upper Canada Snowmobile RegionJim Lackie2022
Carleton Regional Snowmobile ClubMeryl Jackson2022
Carleton Regional Snowmobile ClubWayne Dandy2022
Carleton Regional Snowmobile ClubArt Mackie2022
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubDenys Roy2022
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubDaniel Lemieux2022
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubPascal Roy2022
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubJeff Willems2022
Eastern Ontario Snowmobile ClubLee Willems2022
Elizabethtown Snowmobile ClubElaine McMullen2022
Elizabethtown Snowmobile ClubLarry McMullen2022
Elizabethtown Snowmobile ClubGlenn McMullen2022
Elizabethtown Snowmobile ClubCheryl McMullen2022
Glengarry Snowmobile ClubGerry Goulet2022
Glengarry Snowmobile ClubJacques Theoret2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationDwight Shannon2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationRichard Villeneuve2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationBernie Davy2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationJames Hehir2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationAnn Davy2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationAudrey Patterson2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationPhyllis Hehir2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationLuella Shannon2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationLyle Dillabough2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationElsie Dillabough2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationGarry Mielke2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationLynda Mielke2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationNorma Kerr2022
Grenville Snowmobile AssociationJohn Michel2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubTim Lennox2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubPenny Lennox2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubBruce Robinson2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubElizabeth Robinson2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubMarty Lavigne2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubCarol Lavigne2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubDave Burns2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubHeather Burns2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubDoug Gordon2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubWilly Gordon2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubRon Bates2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubRoss Beatty2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubGary Moffitt2022
Kemptville Snowmobile KlubDale Walt2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersBill Blenkinsop2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersMyron Rogers2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersDieter Eberhardt2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersJanice Eberhardt2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersCarl Brown2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersGerald Hinch2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersMarilyn Fenwick2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersDon Fenwick2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersCharlie Detlor2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersBonnie Perry2022
Lennox and Addington Ridge RunnersGlenn Perry2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationCarl Havekes2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationJohn Havekes2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationRon Deraugh2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationGreg Erwin2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationHeather Erwin2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationJack Berends2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationCharlie Berends2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationNeil Strader2022
Nation Valley Snowmobile AssociationGerry Boyce2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubKen2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubGord2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubShaun2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubRon2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubElma2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubElaine2022
Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile ClubBev2022
Rideau Snowmobile ClubWayne Avery2022
Rideau Snowmobile ClubTodd O’Connor2022
Rideau Snowmobile ClubFred Seabrook2022
Rideau Snowmobile ClubAl Seabrook2022
Riverside Snowmobile ClubGerald Gurnhill2022
Riverside Snowmobile ClubJohn Boals2022
Riverside Snowmobile ClubBarbara Rabideau2022
Riverside Snowmobile ClubJack Bourgon2022
Riverside Snowmobile ClubBlyth Watson2022
Riverside Snowmobile ClubKevin Middleton2022
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationRay Russell2022
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationCollin Russell2022
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationDonny Burgess2022
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationMike O’Reilly2022
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationSteve Burgess2022
West Carleton Snowmobile Trails AssociationKeith Burgess2022