The new signage approach continues to remind riders that snowmobiling is an inherently risky activity that each individual chooses to participate in of their own free will and at their sole risk.  It also provides ongoing notice to riders of their personal responsibility to choose to ride the OFSC trail in a save, prudent and lawful manner.  Any signage provided by the OFSC for the convenience of snowmobilers is never a substitute for rider knowledge, choice or vigilance. The law says that snowmobiles must stop at all road crossings.

Snowmobile clubs and volunteers are under no legal obligation to place any signs on snowmobile trails, but do so as a courtesy and convenience, to provide visual assistance for riders who are operating their sleds within the law and with care and control.

The following are some of the signs riders may see on trails and their meaning:

Colour Theme


Significant Warning. Failure to obey may result in personal injury or death.

YOU must know and obey the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act (Ont.)

YOU must use caution at all times

Emergency and cell phone service may not be available

Trail ends

Trail closed



Maximum 50km/h sign - The maximum legal trail speed limit in Ontario unless otherwise posted.


Back off the throttle and prepare to take corrective action.

Directional Arrow

Stop Ahead

Slow down

Railroad Crossing

Bridge Chevron

Ice Crossing - Use at your own risk