The UCSR is embarking on this initiative to continue securing access to private and public land to so that we can develop awesome snowmobile trails by partnering with landowners. This plan aims to recruit, retain, and recognize landowners who graciously permit the use of their property for recreational snowmobiling. By fostering a collaborative relationship, we seek to maintain and increase the quality of our trail network, ensuring snowmobilers enthusiasts can enjoy unforgettable winter experiences while preserving the natural beauty of these landscapes. Together, we will forge a sustainable future where on-trail snowmobiling thrives, and landowners receive the recognition they deserve for their invaluable contribution to the snowmobiling community.

This Landowner Management Plan (LMP) has been written to support the positive club-landowner culture at the club and district level. The LMP prioritises the club’s and district’s goals and identifies the key strategies to be implemented.

The purpose of this LMP is to:

•          Recruit  landowners;

•          Maintain current landowners;

•          Recognize landowners.

This well-integrated LMP will ultimately lead to quality trails, greater satisfaction, and longer-term landowner retention. Enjoyment of the snowmobiling landowner experience is very important in keeping landowners involved (Retention), developing healthy clubs and builds positive word-of-mouth that can help attract new landowners (Recruitment).

Review the full plan here: Landowner Management Plan