Employment of Groomer Operators

The management of groomer operators throughout the Districtis a shared responsibility between the District Board, District Grooming Coordinator, Clubs, Club Grooming Coordinators, Grooming Operators and Trail Committees. We utilize both paid and volunteer Groomer Operators.

The 'Employer' of Groomer Operators within the District and for all Clubs is the UCSR.

Terms of Reference

The Groomer Operator shall perform the duties described in UCSR Grooming Operator Terms of Reference.

Conditions of Employment

The following mandatory conditions must be satisfied in order to commence and maintain employment as a Groomer Operator:
    1. Be at least 18 years of age;
    2. Possess and maintain a valid Ontario Driver's License (G or M class or equivalent);
    3. Provide a Driver's Abstract to the Employer's discretionary satisfaction;
    4. Complete any required training and certification; and
    5. Read and agree to comply with all of the Employer's Health and Safety Policies.

Hiring Process

If a new or returning operator wishes to become or continue as a volunteer or paid grooming operator for any club within the UCSR they must follow these steps:
    1. The Operator must contact the club grooming coordinator (who is appointed by the UCSR District Board based on recommendations from the club Presidents).
    2. The Operator must complete the UCSR Groomer Operator Employment Application.
    3. Club Grooming Coordinators will discuss their requirements, operations, and expectations with the Operator. The Operator should be prepared to discuss their experience, training, and availability.
    4. Club Grooming Coordinators will recommend or not recommend potential Grooming Operators to the District Grooming Coordinator.
    5. The District Grooming Coordinator, with support from the District Manager, will approve or not approve new or returning Grooming Operators.

Period of Employment

Groomer Operators are employed on a season fixed-term basis. The start date of employment of any Groomer Operator will be the date on which the operator signs the UCSR Employee Agreement and the end date will be March 31 yearly.

Employee File

An employee file will be maintained by the District Manager for each volunteer and paid Groomer Operator. This employee file will include any training certificates, annual training registers, employee payroll information, and annual drivers license abstracts.

Groomer Operators must provide the following documentation to support their employee file and payroll requirements:
    1. UCSR Groomer Operator Employment Application.
    2. Copy of Class G or M Driver's License (or higher);
    3. Driver License Abstract (uncertified 3-year driver's record) https://www.ontario.ca/page/order-drivers-record#section-2 (UCSR will cover the MTO fee);
    4. TD1.;
    5. TD1ON.;
    6. Valid email or Direct Funds Transfer (DFT) info for payroll; and

If accepted, an UCSR Groomer Employment Agreement will also need to be signed.


Groomer Operators will be paid at a rate approved by the UCSR Board, as detailed in Club Operations Procedure for UCSR Member Clubs, Appendix 1 (dated 9 December 2018) based on years of experience.Statutory deductions will include federal income tax, employment insurance, and WSIB.Payroll will be made only by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Direct Funds Transfer (DFT) into operator's bank accounts.

Work Hours

Groomer Operators will work on an as-needed basis without any number of guaranteed hours. Total hours per week will fluctuate to meet the needs of the Club and District Grooming Coordinator. Depending on the grooming requirement, hours of work could be at any time, day or night, seven days per week, including statutory holidays.

Safety Clothing

Groomer Operatorsare responsible to supply their own appropriate safety clothing, such as winter work boots, winter jackets and gloves. The Operator must report to work with the appropriate safety clothing and be prepared to work outside for extended periods of time during winter months including intermittent operation of a chainsaw, hand tools, winch, etc.

Training Requirements

Groomer Operators will complete various training packages. Previous training and certification will be accepted. Training includes:
    Serial 1, Snow-Groomer online training, Mandatory (Recert every 5 years), provided by OFSC, 2.5 hours
    Serial 2, COVID-19, Mandatory, provided by OFSC/UCSR, Online
    Serial 3, Workplace Health and Safety Awareness, Mandatory, provided by UCSR/Contracted, online, 1 hour
    Serial 4, WHMIS Overview, Mandatory, provided by UCSR/Contracted, online, 2 hours
    Serial 5, UCSR's Health and Safety Policies and Safe Operating Procedures, Mandatory, provided by UCSR, Online
    Serial 6, Risk Management, Mandatory, provided by UCSR/Club, Online/Face2Face
    Serial 7, Trail Guideline, Mandatory, provided by UCSR/Club, Online/Face2Face
    Serial 8, Signage Guideline, Mandatory, provided by UCSR/Club, Online/Face2Face
    Serial 9, Grooming Equipment Opoeration & Maintenance, Mandatory, provided by Club, Face2Face, 9 hrs
    Serial 10, OFSC Log sheets and Pre/Post Season Inspections, Mandatory, provided by Club, Face2Face, 1 hr

The following optional (when required) training may include:
    Chainsaw, Optional, provided by UCSR, Face2Face
    First Aid, Optional, provided by UCSR, Face2Face
    Fire Extinguisher, Optional, provided by UCSR, Face2Face

Access to the various training courses will be coordinated by the District Grooming Coordinator with support from the District Manager. Groomer Operator Competencies

Operators must demonstrate competency in the following eight broad task areas.
    - Know and identify the capabilities, characteristics, and limitations of their groomer and drag.
    - Perform equipment inspections (pre-, post-, walk around, visual).
    - Perform basic regular maintenance
    - Demonstrate basic groomer operations.
    - Demonstrate safe refuellingprocedures.
    - Demonstrate trail grooming.
    - Demonstrate operator safety procedures.
    - Demonstrate record keeping.

Questions may be directed to the District Manager at 613-543-0374 or training@ucsr.ca

Click on this link for approved Groomer Operators to complete their required risk, trail, signage, safe refuelling and COVID training. A password may be obtained by emailing training@ucsr.ca or calling 613-543-0374.