The Elizabethtown Snowmobile Club (ESC) is an OFSC club in good standing with about 85 KMs of trails servicing the Brockville area and the Township of Elizabethtown. We average about 100 permit members and just over 80 landowners. ESC was established in 1972 and joined OFSC in 1982.

It is our goal to provide to provide groomed trails that are well signed and cover Elizabethtown township from every corner.

Our objectives from your bylaws):

  • To organize a series of recreational truck trails across the Township of Elizabethtown and provide linking trails with neighboring clubs.
  • To better promote safety in the sport of snowmobiling.
  • To foster a spirit of co-operation with Ontario’s law enforcement agencies.
  • To assist in the protection of the environment.
  • To maintain a good public image.
  • To raise and received funds to meeting the needs of the ESC and any profits which accrue shall be used in promoting the objectives.

We are purely run by volunteers, so if you see an area that needs improvement, don’t be shy to come out and own the task, that is how the club grows!

Quick Facts

Kms of Trail
Core Volunteers

Officers, Directors and Core Volunteers

PresidentRay Averyrayavery@hotmail.com(613) 341-9174
Vice-PresidentDave McCue
SecretaryJennifer Millermillerjenn@hotmail.com(613) 498-9174
TreasruerJennifer Millermillerjenn@hotmail.com(613) 498-9174
Grooming Coord
Trails CoordTim McMullen
Trail PatrolMike Jonker
Volunteer CoordCheryl McMullen

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 2180 Hallacks Road, Brockville, ON, K6V 5T3


Email: rayavery@hotmail.com

Phone: (613) 341-9174