The UCSR is an Incorporated Not-for-profit organization under the laws of Ontario and a member in good standing of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC)

The UCSR is District 1 within the OFSC and is comprised of 16 OFSC snowmobile clubs. The UCSR covers the area west to Napanee, north to Arnprior and east to the Ontario/Quebec border and has over 3345 km of marked, groomed trails. 1000 dedicated volunteers make up 16 clubs within the UCSR and sell over 12700 trail permits annually to riders and families in Eastern Ontario.

The UCSR has a small office which is located in Carleton Place and responds to administrative, training, logistical, financial, and fieldwork inquiries from the assigned snowmobile clubs in Eastern Ontario.

The UCSR and clubs are run by dedicated snowmobile volunteers. Volunteers range from 8 to 80! Volunteers lead and organize all the local efforts to establish trails with landowners, brush trails, maintain equipment, train volunteers, and manage local budgets. During winter operations, grooming is conducted by both volunteer and paid grooming operators.

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The UCSR is governed by a Board of Directors composed of President, 1st Vice President – Grooming, 2nd Vice President – Trails, Secretary, Treasurer and 16 Board Members (represented normally by the Presidents of the clubs). The Executive Committee of the UCSR is comprised of four members including: President, 1st Vice President – Grooming, 2nd Vice President – Trails, Secretary, and Treasurer. The UCSR President is also the District Governor and sits on the OFSC Board as a member. The UCSR has several committees including trails, grooming, trail patrol, VIA, and finance. Membership of these committees are comprised of members from the clubs. The UCSR also has volunteers appointed to lead district wide initiatives including VIA, Trail Patrol, and Driver Training. The District Manager is a non-voting member of the Board, Executive Committee and Committees.

Statement of Purpose

The Upper Canada Snowmobile Region (UCSR) is a volunteer led not-for-profit corporation that promotes and enables effective local delivery of organized snowmobiling with and through its assigned OFSC member organizations consistent with the agreed Mission, Vision, and Programs of the provincial federation.


The objectives of the UCSR are:

  • To promote the sport of snowmobiling.
  • To co-operate with Ontario law enforcement agencies.
  • To maintain a good public image of the sport of snowmobiling.