22 March 2024

The UCSR and its clubs are committed to fostering strong partnerships with landowners who generously volunteer their properties for snowmobile trails. We recognize the indispensable role of these dedicated landowners in our trail network, and we pledge to ensure their interests and rights are always respected.

To acknowledge the generosity of landowners who volunteer their property for snowmobile trails, the UCSR and clubs will offer a range of incentives and rewards. One of the many action items found in the UCSR Landowner Management Plan 2023 was the development of a ‘District draw for landowners’ to increase landowner satisfaction and maintain current landowner support.

We are pleased to announce the District has purchased 16 Milwaukee M12 5 Tool Combo Kits. One for each club. These kits have a retail value of $572.00 + hst.

They are to be given away by random draw in conjunction with club level landowner appreciation event(s).  After your club’s event, please forward the name of the lucky landowner that received the gift to the District.

Together, we will forge a sustainable future where on-trail snowmobiling thrives and landowners receive the recognition they deserve for their invaluable contribution to the snowmobiling community.

Thank you!

Ian Edwards                            Sarah Craig                 Bruce Robinson

UCSR President                       2nd VP Trails                Chair, Landowner Committee