“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” ~Elizabeth Andrew”

The UCSR and its clubs are committed to volunteer development as a core UCSR program which will strengthen club and district capacity and capabilities. Clubs are best served by the active participation of riders and other interested citizens located in the local community. To this end, clubs will accept and encourages the involvement of volunteers at all levels and within all appropriate programs and activities. Increased capacity and capabilities will ensure the clubs and district have enough of the right volunteers, in the right locations, while ensuring that volunteering in the UCSR is satisfying and rewarding for all volunteers.

The UCSR Volunteers-in-Action (VIA) Plan (VMP) outlines the UCSR’s volunteer development plan for the next three to five years to significantly increase the number of active volunteers while strengthening volunteer skills across the district with a focus on clubs. This VIA Plan will help clubs develop volunteers so clubs will be successful. It will help clubs to attract, communicate with, train, motivate, manage, support, retain, and recognize volunteers. Formal and informal recognition are both an important part of the plan. The contribution of all volunteers is highly valued and pivotal to the success of any club. Given that a key to volunteer retention is appropriate recognition, every effort will be made to thank volunteers and recognise their contributions.

We are pleased to announce the District’s Volunteer Hour Draw to support already in place club volunteer recognition activities. The District Volunteer Hours Draw is open to any Club or District member or volunteer who volunteered with a UCSR Club or the District during the past season. To be eligible, a person must be:

  • A volunteer or member in good standing of a Club or District.
  • Volunteered for the Club or District during the previous fiscal year (i.e. 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024).
  • Had their hours validated by their President, VIA Coord or another member of their Executive Committee.

The draw will include donated or purchased gifts and the quantity and value of gifts will vary from year to year. For every 10 volunteer hours, the eligible person will receive one (1) entry in the draw. There is no minimum or maximum number of entries per person.

Volunteer hours, may include, but is not limited to volunteer:

  • trails (brushing, signing, staking, landowner, equipment work, etc).
  • grooming (mechanic, operators, ground support, etc).
  • office (clerical, accounting, administration, etc).
  • Web/Social media (design, social media, website, IT specialist).
  • Fundraising (events, marketing, event planning, etc).
  • Clubhouse (kitchen, cooking, maintenance, etc).
  • Trail patrol.
  • Board and committee time.
  • Other volunteer time.

Here are a few of the prizes:

  • Oxygen Helmet ($850)
  • Milwaukee M12 Kit ($572)
  • Yeti Cooler ($400)
  • Brookstreet Escape Package ($385)
  • Stihl MS170 chainsaw + oil ($357)
  • Milwaukee Cooler + Tims card ($150)
  • Yeti Mug + Gerber Multi Tool ($125)
  • Food + Cabilas gift cards ($100)
  • Food + Fuel gift cards ($100)

See your club VIA coordinator for additional details and to submit your name and hours. Deadline to submit is 15 April 2024.

Additional Details

Hour Tracking Sheet

Thank you!

Ian Edwards Bruce Robinson

UCSR President Chair, VIA Committee